this week in the studio…

003 - Copy020


Loving my time in the studio, here are some of the latest creations to pass through my hands… This teapot was a blast to make and i hope to get back on the wheel soon to make more.  The fish mugs are the logo for Morada Way Arts and Cultural District and are a fundraising item for sale at Morada Way Clay (made by me with love).

025  And a new batch of fun sea creatures are swimming outta the fire…  while

003 (2)these pirates are about to walk the plank, into a sea of glaze!

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About Samantha

Ceramic artist Samantha Decker-Hoppen creates sacred vessels for everyday rituals. In a world full of disposable objects, be grounded in a handmade mug or amused by a whimsical bowl. Handcrafted to hold your tasty treats and savor the moment.

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