Spiritual Gifts


Spiritual gifts are web-square-dancersmeaningful presents/presence given to encourage the inward journey towards being happy in life, no matter what happens.web-generations


Spiritual gifts can be a smile, sharing food, or stepping behind a statement that irked you and letting it pass.  Spiritual gifts can be fun and loving statements, or silence.  Spiritual gifts can be material gifts.

Spiritual gifts are created at Turtle Rock Studio with the intention of being joyful reminders to savor each moment of life.  I use universal symbols as well as culturally specific images and stories to reflect our inward path toward enlightenment.

My “no evil” sculpture series is a play on the ancient 3 wise monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  Wise council as even Ghandi kept a small trio of the monkeys.

web-no-evil-octi-rainbowturtle charms invoke energies like love and balance to their surroundings.  Each is hand glazed and lately many are brightly colored with rainbow colors.  I made a very smooth turtle to use as a playful canvas.  There will only be 50 casts made, each one uniquely painted by me with a symbol to invoke a certain energy.web-tc-balance-copy


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