Pouring Plaster Molds

web-plaster-pour-close-upPouring plaster to create a new mold is an exciting time for me.


turtleheartdance-blueThe process from idea to final product is a test of patience and precision.

I have been hand making little turtle charms for over 10 years and finally took the time to create a 3D version of the “love connection” turtle charm.

Here are a few pictures of making the turtle charm plaster mold:

The prototype is in the the coddle waiting for the first pour of the 2 part mold I will use to slip cast.

web-turtle-charm-mold-2 After soaping up the plaster, replacing the prototype and returning it to the coddle it is ready for the second pour.  Notice the pour hole for the slip, I will leave that hole for the option to hang the piece on the wall.

Once the plaster is set, the clay prototype is removed, the plaster cleaned up and set to dry.  It is best to dry multi-pieced molds together, here it is open to show both sides.

After it dries completely it will be ready for slip casting.


These turtle charms carry the symbol for love and connection between 2 people.
Symbolically, turtles represent longevity, enduring love and, my favorite, patience.
Turtle charms make wonderful spiritual gifts to express the love
of friendship or romance – and they make great Florida gifts too!





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