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“To describe something so awesome that fantastic just isn’t enough.”


Every day I witness signs that humanity is being responsible for our actions.  When Barnum and Baily Circus announced the retirement of all their show elephants due to public calls for compassion, it just made me shout, “Elephantastic!!”

My new obsession was born – elephants & the celebration of human evolution.    DSC00141

God emerges again and again in the lives of our every-day saints.  We can all be vessels. This is the elephant in the room – something we all know deep down.  We are each other and we are responsible for each other.  As more humans are able to embrace this connection, every act of integrity, every act of responsibility and every act of love matter.  Each act moves us closer to creating a beautiful dance party across Planet Earth.

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“Also used to describe very large objects that are super cool.”                                  ELEPHANTASTIC!

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