Ceramic Mugs

Shipping costs are $10 for 1 mug, and $5 each additional mug. All sizes are approximate.


 web-turtle-mug Mug with 2 Turtles
(photo shows each side)3.75 in tall, 3.5 in wideRemind yourself to slow down and bask in the sun.
$40 each
web-2-sides-dophin-mug Mug with 2 Dolphins
(photo shows each side)3.75 in tall, 3.5 in wideInfuse yourself with the joy that dolphins bring.
$40 each
web-2-rainbow-dol-mugs Dance of Life mug
(photo shows each side)
3.75 in tall, 3.5 in wideMy design of an ancient image repeated by artists across the planet to express the flow of energy between people.In stock: 2
$40 each
sdh-rainbow-pirate-mugs-300x204 Pirate Skull mug

5 in tall, 3.5 in wide

The pirate skull reminds us that life is short so seize the day!


$40 each



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