Ceramic Demi Cups

A fun way to enhance your needed shots of espresso or rum!  Also great as a toothpick, paperclip or Q-tip dispenser, juice or water cup, even a tiny blooming flower vase.

Shipping costs $5 for 1 cup and $5 each additional cup. All sizes are approximate.

web-demi-wave-cups Ocean Waves cup
2.5 x 2 in  Designed to celebrate the element we all love to play with.Instock:  4
$18 each

fire water demi cup Flames cup

2.5 x 2 in

Designed to celebrate the element which is the source of all life.

instock:  2

$18 each

florida keys skull demi Florida Pirate Skull cup

2.5 x 2 in

There’s treasure out there and only the laughing pirate skull can tell where it is. Are you listening?  Turn the cup to find his ship!

instock:  2 dark blue

$18 each


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