Florida Clay Art Shopping Gallery

Welcome to my online gallery.  Here you will find the most current selection of my art.  I have recently set up an Esty store so you all can have a more familiar shopping experience.  You can click here to be taken directly to my Esty store.

Click on the picture or item underlined to see current inventory.



Ceramic Bowls:  Soups and snacks, fruits and salads, everything looks and tastes better in a beautiful bowl.  Big bowls and little bowls are a fun way to serve up a snack of pretzels or popcorn.  Or use as a nifty catch all bowl for your keys, wallet, jewelry or change.

ceramic mugs

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Ceramic Mugs: A wonderful way to start your day, enhance your afternoon tea or relax into the evening with hot coco or tea.

ceramic demi cups

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Ceramic Demi Cups:  A perfect delivery for your needed shots of espresso or rum!  Also a great as a juice or water cup, a holder for toothpicks, paperclips or Q-tips, or even a tiny blooming flower vase.


Ceramic sculpture

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Ceramic sculpture:  I love to engage thru clay.  These clay art sculptures make wonderful reminders to slow down and enjoy life.


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