Creative Clay Time

teaching hand bowl 1

teaching mug 1Fun for family gatherings & birthday parties

Team building exercise for employers / students / groups

Creative projects include mugs, ornaments, platters, bowls, sculpture & more

Local Potter Samantha Decker-Hoppen will bring her expertise and clay materials to your location (within 25 miles of Lake Placid).  Experience the joys of clay thru a project of your choice.   Projects need to be fired and will be available for pick up or delivery within 2 weeks.  You supply the place, table, chairs and any food or refreshments.

$40 each for 5-8 people and $35 each for 9-12 people.  Group discounts for 4 or more weekly sessions.  1.5 – 2 hours.

teaching hand plateteaching mug 2
You will be challenged (clay isn’t as simple as it looks)
You will have fun (clay isn’t serious, it is often rather silly and squishy)
You will get dirty (as will the floor so let’s avoid carpets) All materials are washable with water

Samantha is a professional potter with a studio in Lake Placid Florida.  She has extensive experience leading groups thru clay projects, as well as individual lessons.  E-mail for individual lessons.

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About Samantha

Ceramic artist Samantha Decker-Hoppen creates sacred vessels for everyday rituals. In a world full of disposable objects, be grounded in a handmade mug or amused by a whimsical bowl. Handcrafted to hold your tasty treats and savor the moment.

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