Ceramic artist Samantha Decker-Hoppen creates sacred vessels for everyday rituals. In a world full of disposable objects, be grounded in a handmade mug or amused by a whimsical bowl. Handcrafted to hold your tasty treats and savor the moment.

Pouring Plaster Molds


Pouring plaster to create a new mold is an exciting time for me. The process from idea to final product is a test of patience and precision. I have been hand making little turtle charms for over 10 years and finally took the time to create a 3D version of…

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Playing with stamps

I was inspired by Jill Gerlach’s rolling stamps workshop this past spring and made a bunch of new stamps… and once I was done making the stamps I had to try them out…so much fun creating designs and stories. Ornaments are $12 each and the catch-all bowls (3.5 in wide…

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The I’s have it

eye bowl blue brown (640x382)

Thinking about how we perceive the world around us thru our personal experiences.  When we can shift the focus from what we are seeing to who is seeing, a whole new reality emerges.  I took this thought into the studio and played with the concept of eye bowls as containers…

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Ocean Life

These are examples of my Ocean Life designs that capture the essence of the sea and its inhabitants. These mugs and bowls make great Florida gifts!

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Scholarship Fund & Community Outreach

Every week Samantha invites up to 5 kids and 2 mentors from the Keys Children’s Shelter into Morada Way Clay’s studio for a few hours of creative play.  Sometimes we get muddy on the potter’s wheel, or we roll out slabs, or glaze a piece of bisque.  We often groove…

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this week in the studio…

  Loving my time in the studio, here are some of the latest creations to pass through my hands… This teapot was a blast to make and i hope to get back on the wheel soon to make more.  The fish mugs are the logo for Morada Way Arts and…

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New Ceramic Art Work

  Here is a sampling of some new pieces fresh from the kiln, these are cone 6 stoneware inlay with colored slips.  The “Dance of Life” is a design I have been developing over the years.  The dancers represent positive energy flowing through us, celebrating the joy of being alive.…

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