Ceramic artist Samantha Decker-Hoppen creates sacred vessels for everyday rituals. In a world full of disposable objects, be grounded in a handmade mug or amused by a whimsical bowl. Handcrafted to hold your tasty treats and savor the moment.

Rune Stones

Rune Stones are often seen as a tool for self reflection, a handbook for the Spiritual Warrior.  The ancients of Northern Europe used them as an alphabet and Ralph Blum made them popular worldwide in the 1980’s with his book, The Book of Runes.  My mother gave me a gift…

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The power of words

web catch all bowl love 4 (640x561)

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts.” Wisdom of the Buddha (Dhammapada) “In the beginning was the word and the word was made flesh.” The Bible How powerful are the words we…

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Turtle Rock Transition

web wedging

7 years ago I took a crazy job wedging and slabbing clay for Ron Levy’s Tandoori ovens in Islamorada.  Little did I know then that this would lead me to teaching and developing a community art gallery.  Then as a Morada Way Art District volunteer program coordinator and Board member –…

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A simple cleansing ritual

I have always enjoyed rituals.  They can be ornate or simple, communal or private, planned or spontaneous and occur in every culture.  Performing a ritual with sincere intent elevates my mood and propels me toward my goals.  One of my favorite rituals is a simple salt water cleansing of a…

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The Force of Life

The design I call the Force of Life is very universal.  I love making this design as it is a visual of life energy.  I first saw this image when I read this Dylan Thomas poem way back in college, I love it still.  I share it with you now:…

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Fun Video of Slip Casting

Folks have been asking me to demo how I slip cast and I always thought that was like saying they wanted to watch paint dry.  After playing around with ideas to make the demo a bit more exciting I made a time lapse video.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.

Joy to the World Holiday SALE!!


Joy to the World Holiday SALE!! In celebration of the Holiday season I am offering 20% off all instock items on my website until the end of the year.  Enter my shopping gallery for gifts to inspire and amuse. When you are ready to check out enter coupon code:…

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Pouring Plaster Molds


Pouring plaster to create a new mold is an exciting time for me. The process from idea to final product is a test of patience and precision. I have been hand making little turtle charms for over 10 years and finally took the time to create a 3D version of…

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Playing with stamps

I was inspired by Jill Gerlach’s rolling stamps workshop this past spring and made a bunch of new stamps… and once I was done making the stamps I had to try them out…so much fun creating designs and stories. Ornaments are $12 each and the catch-all bowls (3.5 in wide…

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