A simple cleansing ritual

I have always enjoyed rituals.  They can be ornate or simple, communal or private, planned or spontaneous and occur in every culture.  Performing a ritual with sincere intent elevates my mood and propels me toward my goals.  One of my favorite rituals is a simple salt water cleansing of a space.  Salt has been used to cleanse and purify throughout history.  I learned this ritual back in my college days and have used it ever since, especially when moving into a new home or work space.  I recently performed it in my new studio, so I thought I’d share it.

What you will need:  1-2 tsp. sea salt, 1-2 cups water (yes, water directly from the ocean is great, but you can also use any type of sea salt) and a bowl (of course I prefer a ceramic bowl, glass or metal work fine too).

What you do:  Combine the sea salt and the water in the bowl.  Place it in the room you want to cleanse (you can put a bowl in each room if you are cleansing a whole house).  State your intention, silently or out loud.  This can be as simple as, “With this bowl of salt water I ask that this space be cleared of all energy.” Leave the bowl overnight or for several hours.  Then pour the salt water down the toilet or outside in a space free of plants and away from any doors or windows.  Be sure to rinse out the bowl.  That’s it.  Consider the space clean and whenever you feel the need you can perform the ritual again.

Here is my bowl of salt water in the new studio.  A great new space for Turtle Rock Studio amongst the orange groves and lakes here in central Florida.




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Ceramic artist Samantha Decker-Hoppen creates sacred vessels for everyday rituals. In a world full of disposable objects, be grounded in a handmade mug or amused by a whimsical bowl. Handcrafted to hold your tasty treats and savor the moment.

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